Bikaner Fort

Bikaner Fort

Bikaner Fort is popularly referred to as the Junagarh Fort. It was built by Raja Rai Singh who was one of Mughal emperor Akbar's trusted generals. There are as many as 37 citadels which protects the fort. This is one fort in Rajasthan which has never been annexed or conquered. There was one dubious instance though when Prince Kamaran laid seize to the fort, but could not keep it on hold for even 24 hours.

The fort's 37 bastions are nicely complimented with a number of palaces, towers, pavilions and temples. There is the exquisitely beautiful Chandra Mahal which is adorned with mirrors and art works. Other palaces worth seeing are the Phool Mahal, the Karan Mahal and the majestic Anup Mahal which used to serve as the assembly hall of the erstwhile rulers.

Inside the fort there is a museum, which has an astonishing collection of ancient manuscripts, gems and jewellery, exquisite carpets, treaties, arms and royal weaponry.

Apart from the museum, the Kanar Mahal is worth visiting which was exclusively built to commemorate the triumph over Mughal emperor Aurangzeb.

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